Enterprise philosophy

Beginning of the nineties, a departure breakup was to be recorded in Germany in the environmental domain. Not least also initiated with generous helps through the German state, many small companies could analyzes and remove their problems in the environmental  domain (f.e. sewage water, exhaust, resource optimization etc.).

UMTAS GmbH started 1992 with the idea to help these small and middle businesses (SME´s) with our potential by their solution of the tasks in the environment and employment protection.

Large companies installed own capacities within short times. Little one companies let help itself over the already above mentioned helps, i.e. subsidies for environmental advice. The subsidies for the design of former "Ökoaudits" (environmental audit), today EMAS  (Environmental Management And Auditing system), ran out today.

In 1995, consulting for DIN ISO 9001:2000 was entered into the business.

We definitely had to pass our philosophy to want to help preferentially small businesses in this form. It could not be fulfilled.

Today, we work together unboundless with all small and large companies, that have interest in our performances.