Enterprise History UMTAS GmbH


The UMTAS GmbH was established by two partners, through Mr. Kaufmann and Stürmer, in Schweinfurt in June 1992. Mr. Stürmer left the company in 1993. For him came Diplom-Chemist Dr. Burkhardt to the company.

Corporate objective

Beside the consulting operations (EMAS, environmental advices, authorization procedures, DIN ISO 14001, DIN ISO 9001:2000 etc), the environmental technology developed as requested and already anchored in the company name.

So, beside consulting, technical plannings became and become executed in different industries  with recognizable environment-technological main focus in the sense of the HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers).

Enterprise development

Since May 1995 is Dr. Burkhardt the sole owner and manager. The UMTAS has 75.000 DM = 38.346,89 EUR trunk capital. UMTAS of meant earlier environmental technology and employment protection. The later was sold. Today, the company is called on the basis of international projects UMTAS GmbH Consulting + Planning.


In Spring 1997 the UMTAS Website was developed by Joan Josep Gómez Guillén. Summer / autumn 2006 Tim Burkhardt revises the entire web gig completely and reorganise as requested to the simply to serve and very user-friendly CRM-system Typo3.