Material-, energy- and costmanagement

The management of all materials and energies inclusive all garbages is the high school of the environmental managing.. Therefore, we hold also the EMAS for better than the DIN ISO 14001.

If a company, and therefore it goes in the most important thing, it can be also of course other systems like clubs or villages and cities (agenda 21, see also ├ľkoprofit), superwise their material and energy streams actively, it has the overview over the costs, that are on the agenda, anytime.

We analyze parts or also your entire system within its borders respecting its consumer behaviour. Ever after, what is required, it is produced an image of the wished materials and/or energy carrier and it is tested for plausibility. Only when this took place, a balance can be formed. This step is important, because only then is sure, that the gotten statements are dependable.

Under materials we understand all in- and outcoming materials. Under energy, all types of energy are to be understood, that goes in into the system and leaves the system in other form (Input/Output-balance).

Materials can be not be only raw materials but also solid, liquid and gaseous garbages. Energies are electric energy, compressed air, heat and cold, for example.

Garbages are the most expensive products! They are generated and then are discarded!

It also can, presupposed the necessary hardware with you, produced temporal profiles, also, f.e. when, where is used 6 o'clock, 20 o'clock the most energy.

If you have demand, please speak with us.

Inpiut-Output presentation