Recycling of waste

There are different methods to process waste. We want here no discussion anfachen, which method or which product is the alone blessed-making. All procedures have a for and against. Fact is that wastes cannot be recycelt to 100%.   

We concern ourselves since longer with the recycling of wastes abroad.

Waste on an unsystematic disposal

Waste develops in all the places, where humans live. It can consist of the most different components, and one gets rid of also from it in different (arranged and unordered) way.   

Here some pictures:

Delivered bulky waste
Unsorted waste
Burning disposal

Sorted waste and raw materials respectively

Metal fraction
Plastic fraction

Here are to see some fractions of sorted waste.

Product examples

The sorted wastes, which are now again raw materials in a cycle! , are usually continued to give to the raw material-processing industry. Iron goes into steel plants, suitable glass supplied to glassworks and tyre are processed  to rubber granulates. From the bio garbage fraction compost is developd in its different sizes and qualities. The separated plastic fraction (in Germany known under the name "DSD") is processed to various products. Here some examples of a plastic stone production named “Ecoblock” with interesting characteristics.

Arranged plastic stones