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To the mood - Performance offers

With our following performances we would like to help you to solve your specific tasks:

CONSULTATIONS, Theoretical and practical ADVANCED TRAINING, Technical PLANNINGS as well as Applied RESEARCH.


We consult you to the following topics:

  • Environment

  • Quality

  • Material, energy and cost management

Existing management systems we maintain gladly for you and help you to confirm your existing certification.

Theoretical and practical ADVANCED TRAINING, LECTURES

UMTAS offers Theoretical and practical ADVANCED TRAINING, LECTURES for you to:

  • the topics mentioned above

  • They have the one which can be mediated with difficulty to convert technical-industrial circumstances in the company like e.g. an introduction of analysis regulations in the laboratory, start-up of new technology with increased explanation need etc.

Technical plannings

Technical PLANNING is to be received as partial planning, as TURNKEY-Solution or BOT-Project (built operate transfer).


Applied RESEARCH in the fields of drying technical sludges and seawater desalination by means of microwaves as well as the development of grouting compost structures.